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  • IMR ist standing for In-Moulding-Roll and this is our core manufacturing technology. We nearly have 10 years of experience in the field of IMD technology. We can offer a broad range of services in this field such as IMD mould making, IMD injection moulding, IMD film development and IMD film machine development, just to name a few of our IMD services.

  • We offer traditional precision moulding and of course also IMD moulding services. Our current CNC capacity amounts to 900x500x450 mm. Depending on the mould type and structure we can guarantee tolerances in the range of 0,1% to 0,4%. Moreover we guarantee a minimum durability starting at 500.000 injections and going up to 1 million per mould.

  • Besides mould making we also offer injection moulding. No matter whether you need traditional injection moulding or IMD injection moulding services, we can offer both of them. Especially the IMR injection moulding technology allows us to design your product in a perfect way. Our current injection capacity amounts to a maximum of 800 tons clamp force.

  • Our R&D department is one of the key reasons why you should start a project at IMR. We have several testing facilities and a huge team of experienced engineers. Since we have a strong focus on IMD technology, our engineers know about all problems related to IMD moulding and injection. Besides that we'll make sure your design is as efficient as possible.

Our Workflow

Any parts leaving our factory are quality approved. Before parts can leave our factory, they undergo strict tests by our Quality Management.

Superb support
and service

Huge brands love to work with IMR, because of our customer service. Our support speaks 8 languages and does it's best to meet the needs of our clients.

We're well known for providing fast solutions. No matter how complex your project might be, we'll definitely reduce the time to market.


IMD Turnkey Solution


IMD Precision Moulding


IMD Injection Moulding


IMD Foil Development

Our core competencies

Dreams are fulfilled, at IMR. This is not just a slogan. It is a promise. Our engineers strive hard to turn your design ideas into reality. No matter how complex your product design may seems, we’ll definitely find a solution and also provide improvement suggestions.

Our company evolution

It all started in 2005 when Jerry Joe founded IMR in Dongguan. After that a long journey began and today more than 140 people are working for IMR.
July 2005

Our Startup

IMR was born

Our CEO Jerry Joe founded Dongguan IMR Machinery Co., LTD in Dongguan, China. In the beginning we’ve only marketed IMR film feeder series.

Jan 2006

1st Expansion

IMR HK was launched

Six months later IMR In Mould Decoration Technology Co., LTD in HongKong was established. That was the base for expanding into the moulding and IMR film market.

May 2006

Moulding Center

IMR became a moulder

10 months after IMR was founded, we’ve built our own IMR mould design center. The first engineers were hired and we’ve shifted our focus from distribution to engineering.

February 2007

2nd Expansion

working with Nokia

Just one year after our first expansion, we’ve built a colour material supply center and supplied Nokia. At the same time we also expanded our business by developing the Japanese market.

February 2008

IMR Technology

we started to research

A year later we started to invest into researching IMR technology. The company Dongguan Mold Technology Co., LTD was established for that purpose.

June 2010

Injection Processing

we started with injection

It took us more than two years to research the IMR technology. After that we started to offer an IMR injection process as the first company in Southern China.

May 2011

USA expansion

working with top brands

All the previous investments into the IMR technology gave us a huge advance in knowledge. We started to manufacture for well-known brands like Cisco from the USA.

April 2013


rapid growth and success

Two years after the USA expansion, we started to work for brands like iRobot, Nintendo, Bosch, LG, Samsung and many further. We also have enlarged our R&D team and focussed on further innovations.

April 2014

IMR Europe

the next chapter began

One year after our internationalisation phase, we started to develop the European market. The German company IMR Europe GmbH was formed 3 months later by Jakob Altaylar.

November 2014

Euromold 2014

our first exhibition

IMR China and Europe successfully participated at the Euromold exhibition in Frankfurt. The first employees for IMR Europe were hired and we’ve relaunched our website.

February 2015

New Factory

12.000 sqm for further expansion

We’ve built a new injection factory and adopted Japanese design for the technical setup. The factory area amounts to 12.000 squaremeter. Besides a huge office, we’ll also use one floor for a new assembling line.

August 2015

Factory opening

State of the art manufacturing in China

We’ve managed to finalize the setup of our new factory. Our capacities have been massively
improved. The largest injection machine has a capacity of 800 ton.
Our new factory is equipped with
a total of 48 new injection moulding machines.
October 2015

Fakuma 2015

our second exhibition

IMR China and Europe successfully participated at the Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen. We
had some exciting conversations with several engineers and are looking forward to enter the
automotive market with our IMD technology.
December 2015

USA expansion

our new branch in the US

We’ve established the company IMR International Inc., headquartered in Walnut, CA. In the future we plan to expand with our technology to the US market. IMR China is already working for companies like iRobot, Cisco and Coca Cola in the US. Our partners are fully satisfied with IMR.
January 2016

CES Las Vegas 2016

our third exhibition

IMR Europe successfully participated at the CES 2016 exhibition in Las Vegas.It was the first time that we went to an exhibition without the Chinese team and also the first exhibition in the US. The exhibition was extremely successful and we’re looking forward to attend at the CES again.
March 2016

Wearable Tech nology Show 2016

our fourth exhibition

IMR Europe successfully participated at the Wearable Technology Show 2016 exhibition in London. For our young company, it was the first time to enter the UK market and we made a lot of great contacts again. We would love to attend at the Wearable Technology Show in 2017 again.

IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2016

our fifth exhibition

IMR Europe and IMR China will be exhibiting at the IDTechEx Wearable Europe exhibition in Berlin. The CEO from IMR China will be also there, in order to answer complex questions related to new product developments and future topics such as printable electronics. Make sure to visit us.
June 2016

Automotive Interiors Expo 2016

our sixth exhibition

IMR Europe successfully attended at the Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart. This was our first exhibition in the automotive field. Since we’re currently in the process of applying for the TS16949 certificate, it was a huge success for our company. Moreover at this exhibition, we had a large booth for the first time with more than 30 sqm of space.

September 2016

IML production space

enhancing our portfolio

Last year we’ve opened our new factory and this year we’ve enhanced our production plant with a new IML production line. The equipment consists a foil printing, forming and cutting machine. One of the first orders we process at our factory is a front panel for a heater with capacitive touch function.

November 2016

IMR held a speech at the KIMW

our first public pitch

After gaining a lot of expertise with products in various field, we now started to gain more publicity by attending conferences as speakers. At the KunststoffInstitutLüdenscheid, we held a speech about new manufacturing technologies and also showcased the latest products of our factory. This was a very good experience for our young company.

Our Testimonials

  • IMR provided us the best communication and service. Their support is always professional and the production fully meets our requirements. The cooperation with IMR brought us success.

    Lei Huang Suppy Chain Project Manager - Sypro Optics
  • IMR Europe helped us to find a solution for our time-critical project. We appreciate the manufacturing expertise of IMR and our next project will be also done by them. Thanks for your great support!

    Oliver T. Kowallik Chief Strategy Officer - ROCKCITI

Our Customers

  • iRobot
  • Ziess
  • Bosch
  • Cisco
  • Toshiba
  • Foxconn
  • LG
  • Pioneer
  • Samsung

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About IMR Europe GmbH

We are a young company from Germany founded in July 2014. Our aim is to provide an innovative manufacturing solution for any company worldwide. Our global team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of In-Mould Decoration.

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