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Our young team is enterprising and always eager to learn new things. We believe that anyone can achieve achievements beyond people's imagination. We value honesty and trust, which is one of the main working attitudes of our company. Everyone on our team will be treated the same, and all of us want our work to be successful. It is our responsibility to ensure that working with us will advance your career. At IMR, you will be able to work on various projects. We have special technology in the manufacturing industry, and many well-known companies are using our services. With branches in different regions, we provide you with opportunities to acquire knowledge abroad. The way we work is always fun. No matter what we do, we will be full of passion and love. Join our team and let us help you realize your dreams.

Employee benefits

◆      购买五险一金;
◆      全勤奖:100元/月;
◆      工奖龄:按公司规定一线作业人员、QC每月发放工龄奖金,工作满半年50元/月、工作满一年100元/月、工作满二年140元/月,以此类推。
◆      员工生日福利价值80元左右的礼品;
◆      各类传统节日礼品:母亲节、父亲节、“三八”妇女节、端午节、中秋节。
◆      员工关怀:结婚、生子、直属亲属身亡、员工生病住院健康关怀等;
◆      定期评选优秀员工,并发放奖金;

Staff activities

  • 篮球赛


  • 消防演习


  • 户外烧烤


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