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      With the continuous development of household appliances products to meet the needs of consumers, we have a variety of in-mold decoration technology applied in the household appliance industry-such as IMR, IML, IMT, etc. Mainly through the high-precision foil feeding device, the foil is fed into the special molding mold for precise positioning, and the high temperature and high pressure of the plastic raw material is injected. The pattern on the foil film is transferred to the surface of the plastic product and the surface film technology is used. Into the product. Mainly used in household appliances, video games, fast consumer electronics, etc. The main products are: sweeping robots, vacuum cleaners, outdoor electric tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, electric cookers, electric ovens, electric water heaters and other major appliances. The service targets are well-known domestic and foreign brands.

IMR only provides product accessories. If you need the above products, please contact the brand owner or log in to its official website for details.
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